How to Address Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations have a long and unique history when it comes to addressing. In days long, long passed, a bride's footman would deliver each invitation individually to her wedding guests' homes. This is where the outer envelope originated, with the address or location of the home listed with the formal name of the guest. The servant would receive the invitation and remove the inner envelope to present to the guest, which only had the guest names written on it because it had already arrived at the address of the home. Talk about a personalized experience!

With the advancement of time and creation of the postal service, many brides opt to forego the inner and outer envelope combination for a more modern approach. However, proper addressing of envelopes is still important – it is one of the most important days of your life, and your wedding invitations are a true investment. You want them to reflect this importance in all aspects, envelopes included!

Here is a breakdown of how to properly address your invitations for a variety of scenarios.

Single Woman
Miss Hannah Worthington
or Ms. Hannah Worthington

Single Woman + Guest
Miss Hannah Worthington and guest
or Ms. Hannah Worthington and guest

Single Man
Mr. Bryce Powers

Single Man + Guest
Mr. Bryce Powers and guest

Unmarried Couple living at same address
Ms. (or Miss) Shannon Green
Mr. Michael Hardwick
Note: if you are inviting a couple that does not live together, they should each receive their own invitation at their respective addresses.

Married Couple with same last name
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gillman

Married Couple with children under 18
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gillman
Sydney and Noah
The Gillman Family
Note: children over 18 that are still living at home should receive their own invitation. If you are inviting only the parents, address as a married couple only, leaving off the children's names.

Married Couple with different last name
Ms. Sarah Browning and Mr. Carter Richmond

Married Couple - wife is a Doctor
Doctor Ashley Gaines and Mr. Matthew Gaines

Married Couple - husband is a Doctor
Doctor and Mrs. Charles Everly

Married Couple - both are Doctors
The Doctors Shultz
Doctor Richard Shultz and Doctor Jamie Shultz

Man who is a Junior
Mr. Jackson Ridley, Jr.
or Mr. Jackson Ridley, Junior